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Monday, February 23, 2009

In life, people say that is it better to have love and lost someone than never to have loved at all -- because how else can we know how important that person is to us? But even if i haven't lost that someone, i already know that he/she is really important to me. Love can be the most wonderful feeling in the world , but alas, it can also be the most painful feeling cause there will always be a loss. Why can't we just love the people we love without ever having to lose them? Well, that is LIFE, ladies & gentlemen. Life can be so unfair.

Of course, i do agree --- pain is infinitely preferable to emotional nothingness. I can't deny , there were some times i wished that I rather have never loved at all. I'm not the type who can just simply move on after losing someone. There will always be a hole in my heart. The edges may smooth out a bit with time, but it will always be there. What i'm saying here is that i'm not ready yet, at least , not now...

For some reason , my mind have been clouded up with all these the whole week. It' s probably the blistering heat that's getting into me, it has been excruciatingly hot these days. This has prompted Mom even more to go shopping , of course, i had to be dragged along as well. Today; Pavilion. The next day; Midvalley. The following day ; Pavilion, AGAIN. UGH ! Call me crazy, but i can't wait to start studying again. I feel like my mind is so blank right now, it is hunger for knowledge, & i'm talking about education .

There has been rumours going around , saying that SPM results will be out by the end of this month. Let us all keep our fingers crossed , everyone.

12:30 AM

Monday, February 16, 2009

To : Sunway Pyramid
With : Syahir Azali, Faris Adham, Hanif & Addlan

the phrase when you look me in the eyes suddenly ran through my mind

Hanif, winning with style xD HAHAHA. gambar mahal beb ~

Pfft , Boys

They came, They skate, They fell xD
except for Hanif, God knows what could happen to the ice rink if he did. HAHA

J Co's

A girl with 4 boys in a car :P

Boy i had a long day. I' m quite bushed right now , so i'll just leave the pictures
to do the talking. Cause all of these just sums up to just one thing --- I had a great time with the guys . And i've never seen Addlan & Faris being so hyper , crazy & all. I was surprised. well, they are BOYS after all .

Hope to really get to hang around with you guys again soon :)

12:24 AM

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's that time of the year agaiiiin -- Valentine's Day ! The day loved by women and loathed by men, who drop their cash on flowers, jewelry, candy, and cards. Perhaps comic Jay Leno expressed the male dilemma about Valentine’s Day best in one of his monologues: “Today is Valentine's Day—or, as men like to call it, Extortion Day!”.

Valentine’s Day is a fun, light-hearted opportunity to lavish love on those around you, but life has shown me that love rarely looks like the front of a Hallmark card. Love is less about flowers and cartoon hearts, and everything about the value of another soul on this planet. I guess that’s a little harder to put on the side of a coffee mug. I will play along this Valentine’s Day, like all the others, and I certainly hope for you to feel cherished on that day. Consider that your own Valentine’s Day – but don’t look for Hallmark to make a card for it anytime soon.

So, how did i celebrate this Valentine's Day you may ask? Well, I had my dentist appointment in the morning, and no, i haven't gotten my braces off yet, no surprise there. The only thing i was looking forward to today, is the Ugly Betty Marathon on Star World. So yeah, I spent my Vday by watching Ugly Betty for 4 hours straight, and then Titanic ; not with my boyfriend, but with the man i love since i could remember, Papa. I never seem to manage to watch that movie without tearing up a bit. Of course, i am a sucker when it comes to romantic movies , after all.
My uncle and his girlfriend dropped by for a while, Kak Finas gave me a rose, which she got it free from Forever 21 (would that make my day be anymore different?). At night, I ended up eating KFC take-aways,

So there you have it ! But as sad as it sounds like, i'm not actually so bummed about it. It's not like i expect that i would be celebrating this Valentines anyway, Ehsan's in Kelantan anyway. It's not like February the 14th is the only day we could show our love and appreciation to the significant other, right? OHH wait till he gets back, then everyday would be my valentine's day.

8:16 PM

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I had my driving theory test today, which is located at Danau Kota, and yes ...... you guessed it............. I PASSED ! Are you kidding me? Of course i have to pass this test, especially since i had to wait for 7 BLOODY HOURS ! There's no way I 'm going back to that place, the only place where time stands still. People should sue the person who is in charge there. System dia punya la bangang! UGH

January's over, and February's here. Time to get my priorities straight. I'll be having my 8th Grade piano examination in August, and I can't afford failing this one. Supposedly, i should be sitting for the 8th Grade exam last year, but i obviously wasn't being serious about it . Despite that it was my SPM year, i hadn't the urge in playing the piano ever since i failed my 7th Grade. It's not like i'm giving up or anything, but i don't see why i should be sitting for all these exams, unless if I want to get involve in music career in the future. Well it doesn't seem like i really have a choice here now, do I? After all, i've gone this far, might as well take the shots. Dad has been asking me if i really wanted to do this. "I want to do this", I lied. I suck in lying when i have to see in someone's eyes, but i had been telling this lie so frequently that it sounded almost convincing now.

So i was in the MPH store in Great Eastern Mall the other day, in search of any decent books to keep myself preoccupied for the whole week. I suddenly came across with a book which has a familiar cover ---

of course, the Twilight book. I took the book, had a moment of hesitation, and brought it to the cashier. I don't know how or why the sudden urge of wanting to read this book. It never even crossed my mind before that i would be reading this book. I can't help that i love reading romantic novels, especially when it involves forbidden loves. Haha. I finished reading the book within 3 days, so yeah, it was okay. I haven't watched the movie yet, and i really want to see if the movie is as good as 'they' say it is , 'they' as in those Twilight fans that is.. Nah, i definitely wouldn't end up being a Twilight fan even if i 'll enjoy the movie, i don't even think that Robert Patinson guy is really THAT HOT.. sorry, Twilight/Robert Patinson fans. :P

9:06 PM