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Monday, December 22, 2008

Yes, i'm leaving at midnight. Together with the other cousins. I'm very excited, and yet , sad ..
Sad to not be able to see him more often after this. I knoww, that some may say "it's not like you guys won't be seeing each other again", but it's just different. He'd be busy with college stuffs while i'll be sitting home doing nothing and be waiting for his call or msgs miserably.

I've been thinking a lot about US lately. What will become of us after these few months? Will we still be closer or further apart? I'm being taken over by the fear. If i was still in school, it'd be a whole lot different story. School would definitely help me keep myself busy and not think about him too much. But alas, saya bukan lagi budak sekolah, remember?

So in case you'r reading this Ehsan, which i think you do constantly keep checking my blog updates eventhough you don't wanna admit it, (how strange guys are eh?) , I just want you to know that i'll be waiting.. waiting for your call.. waiting for your return home. And if you ever menggatal dekat sana, you know that i'll find out about it sooner or later. You're the only one i ever sincerely fell hard for. I just had to post this, strangely, I don't like telling you this straightly in person or in SMS.
Aku pun ada ego kan.

I don’t know how were meant to feel anymore

I'll be back on the 29th. Merry Christmas!

2:06 PM

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why must these things suddenly be brought back? Why?
Kepada sesiapa yang nak mengatakan prom tak best, please lah, diam dah lah
Have a heart will you? Kesian kat orang yang bersusah payah organize prom ni like Qayyum , Fifi, Fendy and Syimir. Bukan senang taw nak organize an event like this. Kusut kepala diorang .
I'm sorry it didn't turn out to be the prom like you people wanted it to be, but nak prom macam mana lagi? Memang semua prom macam tu..
If you have your own ideal kind of prom , apa kata you organize sendiri?
Don't be such a wet blanket to try to ruin other people's night because you have your own issues
I'd like to see any of you try to make a better prom

Anyway, i gave him the Arsenal jersey i bought for him for his bday . Without a moment of hesitation, dia terus pakai. It was a perfect fit :) We went to NZ and dia, dengan bangganya, pakai lagi jersey tu. haha. Semangat gila. He said he looked like the footballer Fabregas.

well, i think otherwise sayang :p
gambar tak best :/

12:42 AM

Friday, December 19, 2008

Miraculously , Papa got a phone call from Pak Cak telling us that our flight for tonight got cancelled to Monday night instead. And i'll be going along with my other cousins. HAHA. We all have packed our stuffs for the whole day since morning, and i didn't even feel a slightest dissapointment at all. I was happyyyy. Happy that i still have time with him. Mom was furious of course, but who cares?
I know i don't! :D

SEE? Miracles do happen!

9:00 PM

Went karaoke - ing with Ehsan , Dewi and Shahrul at Redbox .
The moment we entered the room, Ehsan quickly snatched a microphone and picked an Indonesian song. He only sang either Malay or Indonesian songs, i remarked to him, why not choose English songs instead . "baru la layan babe, pe barang nyanyi lagu mat salleh ", and that is his answer. haha.
He wouldn't stop singing, Dewi and I only managed to sing just a couple of songs, itupun he was skipping some scenes of the songs because he wanted to save time . Selfish, bukan?
There was one time, he chose a song by Irwansyah. and he said "korang baik kunci pintu, nanti takut ada makcik ingat aku irwansyah". hadoiihh (-_-)
but 2 hours were just like 2 minutes for him. kesian dia . haha

I'll be leaving for Dubai at midnight. I really wanna stay home instead. He'll be leaving for college on the 26th. I wouldn't be back in Malaysia till the 29th. I'm not braced for this kind of situation yet. it's not like i cant do long distance relationships, but i've been in that kind of situation, and its hard . I'm not ready for this, no , not just yet, not when i've just started to have so much fun with him for these past few days. :(

12:38 AM

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

yes, it was a huge success . despite that i 've lost my mood when i first arrived at the hotel due to the row i had with qayyum, the night was a memorable night :)
There were quite a number of people which i didn't expect that. Couldn't really figure out whether the number of outsiders were more than the number of schoolmates. I didn't care, i was just too busy enjoying the night. I didn't really eat much, with my incredibly ketat dress, you can't blame me. For the first few hours, it was quite boring. I was hoping that something interesting would happen soon. That's when it's time for the dancing. Almost everyone , especially the boys, were on the dancefloor. As you might guess, my girls were the first to make a fool out of themselves. the atmosphere wasn't like in a ballroom anymore, it was like being in a club. Yes, i danced, danced, danced, and danced even when my heels were killing me.
i'd definitely say it was THE NIGHT OF ALL NIGHTS :)

To the commitees who have made all of these to be possible, you guys did a great job. :)
Malas nak type lagi. I'm bushed. For more pictures, check out my myspace .

3:12 AM

Saturday, December 6, 2008

NEW Prom Flyers, made by yours truly :D
What really prompted me to do so is because of the old flyers that i really didn't like
I decided to make a new one and just give it a shot.
to my surprise, they liked it.
But they were annoyed that i didn't to this in the first place
so things wouldn't be so complicated before. HAHA
I really didn't know i had that in me :)

MARI MARI! Don't miss the night of all nights!
Performances by COUPLE, Dj Fliko, Mercy Mercy & more

1:39 PM

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy 17th Birthday , Mei :D

On my last birthday, you made a post about my birthday & wrote some nice things about me. So in return, let me write some nice things about you :)

1. She is REALLY talented in photography & photoshop
2. Never fails to laugh at my jokes, and boy, sometimes she almost laughed her head off ;p
3. She is a good friend indeed (i'd still say that even if it's not your bday)
4. I like the way she blogs !
5. Whenever i pretended i was mad at her, she really thought i was when i actually wasn't,
and she'll go "RELAX LA MAII" . ahaha hilarious :D

There you go, Mei. again , Happy Birthday and many happy returns to you.
I hope we'll get to meet again, before SPM results come out that is.

Loads of love, Mai <3>

1:39 PM

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The problem with us , humans, is that we never like to talk about our own weakness. We like to talk bad about other people because it makes us feel good about ourselves. and it does, doesn't it? There's no doubt about that. What we don't see is that this only brings nothing but hatred , and could just ruin a beautiful friendship just like that. I mean, who are we to talk about other people's flaws when we, ourselves, have our own flaws? Don't you realise that when we point a finger at someone, three other fingers are pointing back at us? I'm not saying that i never talk bad about other people, yes, i do . We do know, but we still keep on continue with this bad habit. We can't help it, and that 's a problem.

We used to be like a happy family, like during recess, it was like a happy hour. Laughing over one another's stupid jokes. But look at us now, it used to be a one big group, now it has split into 3 groups. Perasan tak? Now, masing-masing dah start awkward semua.
I miss the old days. I miss high school already.

So anyway, i just got back from Park Royal Hotel to discuss about Prom. One of the manager showed us the ballroom. It was HUGE. Definitely loving it, but the problem is there has to be at least 200 people attending if we want the huge ballroom. If it's any less than 200, we'd have to go for the smaller one. It's not exactly that small , but we prefer the bigger one la of course.

Ah whatever it is, I CAN'T WAIT FOR PROM ! it'll be OUR night :D

9:28 PM