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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm freaking broke right now. Wanna know why? Ok, so maybe one of the reason is because of the last 2days of lepaking, but here's the other reason.

haaaa, gigil tak gigil tangan time nak bagi duit kat cashier tu?
Takpe lah. Sayang punya pasal, i'm willing to take my chances on him.
BUT, in case we'll go on our separate ways in the days ahead,
I WANT IT BACK! and i mean it ! HAHA

Love does make you do crazy things.

1:42 AM

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's officially overrrrrrrrrrrr! :D
All 10 subjects, 23 papers are DONE

finally, after so many sleepless nights. God, there never was a day that SPM didn't occur to my mind since January 2007.. But now, i can finally rest my head. I'm finally FREE.. well, not literally. I still have curfews you knowww . today's officially my last day of ever wearing a school uniform..unless, i have to go for Form 6 which i highly doubt that's gonna happen. It's too bad that i didn't get the chance to ask for signatures to be signed on my uniform, everyone went vanish all of a sudden. (-_-) The funny thing was when i got back home , Dad called and said "So, seronok eh? Have fun . Jaga baik2 . Jangan balik lambat sangat " . Pfft, as if ! :P

SO, what did i do on my first day of freedom you may ask? well, i went out of course. who , in their right mind, would want to stay home on this day?
I'll just make it short and simple. I, dewi, lina, liyana, qayyum went to KLCC, pavillion and hung out at NZ till midnight. Sadly, Ehsan is still in Putrajaya. grr.. Surprisingly, my dad didn't mind about me getting home at midnight. Hey, it is my first time of getting home late. I had one of the most best days :)
I'm really bushed . Anyway, i've made a list about the things i wanna do after SPM

1. Take driving license
2. Finish reading the last Harry Potter book
3. Hang out a lot!
4. Go for Futsal whenever i get the chance to
5. Finish Final Fantasy X (without the cheat code) ;p
6. Spend more time with Ehsan before he leaves for college
7. Perform on Prom night
8. Perform a piano piece for Ms Yap's Christmas Party
9. Spend more time on the piano for my Grade 8 exam
10. Learn to cook
11. Get myself a new hairdo
12. Do everyday jogging

and the list just keeps on going.. :D

11:01 PM

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It’s your birthday,
but I’m the lucky girl,
who got to be with you for another year.
It’s your birthday, and the older you get,
the more wonderful you become.
It’s your birthday,
and I’m privileged to share the years with you.
It’s your birthday, and each year
I find the depth of my love for you growing.
It’s your birthday, and I look forward with joy
to each day we spend together.
It’s your birthday, and I wonder how I got along
for all the birthdays I didn’t know you.
It’s your birthday, and it’s amazing
how easy and enjoyable it is to be with you each day.
It’s your birthday, and no matter what fate has in store for us,
I know it will be a pleasure to spend life with you.
It’s your birthday, but I got the gift--
You're in my life for another year.

Happy Birthday Ehsan<3

12:41 PM

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Papa bought me a new phone
it's the Sony Ericsson K850i
I think the only reason that i'm attracted to this phone is the 5.0 megapixel.
At first, i was down with 2 difficult decisions, whether to decide this cyber-shot phone or the walkman phone, W595. There's no doubt that the walkman phone is definitely more stylish than the cyber-shot phone.. but the only flaw is that it has only 3.2 megapixel. why pick 3.2 when i can have the 5 megapixel right? and since i'm a Camwhore myself. But i did hesitate though. Whatever, no regrets. Now all i need is my old number :) THank you, Papa<3
Once SPM is over, there'll be no more phone kena tarik by Mama. Gahh since form 2 Mom has been torturing me by taking my phone during the weekdays because she thought i'd be too busy Sms-ing and wouldn't concentrate on my studies.

4 more subjects to go, just 11 papers away.
that's pretty a lot of papers for just 4 subjects ain't it?

1:44 PM

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm down with a bad fever!
can you believe my luck?!

thank god Sejarah is over.
3 down, 7 more to go!

5:28 PM

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dr. Noriah AGAIN decided to make one final touch for my teeth. She's really particular of trying to make my teeth look perfect, especially the buck teeth part. But mom and dad weren't convinced. This is like the 2nd time tak jadi nak bukak.. oh well. This time, i chose all the colours which were available :)

Mom won 2 gold class tickets to the new James Bond movie ' Quantum of Solace '. She participated in some kind of a contest at Pavillion. She really never thought that she'd win. Well, after how much she spent in that mall, its no wonder . Mom brought me with her.. Dad didn't agree at first, that's when i did the 'big bulgy puppy eyes' trick. heh works everytime ;p
When we arrived at pavillion, we quickly registered. As soon as we did, the photographer took a bundles of pictures of us. I was quick enough to make a last minute pose . It was kinda awkward though, most of the people were staring. We also had a free dinner for two, a cafe near the GSC .
Our movie started at 9.45pm. It was okay lahh. I still think that Daniel Craig isn't as hot as the older Bonds.

I can't really explain what i'm feeling right now
I feel like i'm ready , but i'm actually not
I feel like i'm really scared, but come to think of it, i'm not.

5:08 PM

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tuesday : Jamuan class was held, a compulsory for every class from form 1 until form 5. Especially form 5s. Our class teacher, Pn Ratna, was probably the only one who was looking forward to it. She said "this year kita kena buat jadi happening". Happening sebenarnyaaa. She turned out to be a real bossy pants. Telling her pupils including ME to rush to the toilet and rinse the cups for the other teachers because we were running out of cups. And on top of that, she asked us to sing the school song for the last time . I noticed some of the 5 Binas were missing, there's no wonder to that. ahah. But over all, maybe i'd just hav to say it was the best. I ate 2 KFC chickens, a plate of Dewi's spaghetti, Naqib's lasagna, Fendy's spaghetti,
a slice of blueberry pie and a piece of banana cake. I'm a skinny girl with a big appetite you see. haha. I have to admit, Naqib's lasagna was deliciously delicious.

There was also some ice throwing going on among the form 5s. Almost everyone was busy putting ice into one another's uniform. It was hysterical! Jeremy was all soaked and wet. Not that its the first time i've seen him like that since he was always sweating. haha.

i saw his nipples that day. hahaa

Cikgu Nazalan. My favourite teacher.
i'm sure gonna miss his teases.

Friday : Majlis Restu . In other words, last day of our school days. The day when the muslims did solat hajat. The day , the form 5s, muslims and non-muslims apologise for all their wrong doings to each other and the teachers. Most of the girls, as expected, were in tears. I only teared up just a tiny bit and it's only because i saw the others cried. haha .

So, here we are. Here's our last chance. It's now or never people.
Our last battle for our teachers, parents, and future.
Let's get this f*cking exam over with!

1:31 PM

Sunday, November 2, 2008

We’re graduating, and we know
Our lives will be different and new;
We’re going out into the world,
Our goals and dreams to pursue.
But one thing will never, ever change,
As we go our separate ways;
The friends we’ve made in school will be
Our friends for the rest of our days.
The special ties and attachments we’ve made,
These bonds will never be broken;
We’ll continue to feel the closeness,
Though words may not be spoken.
So it’s not "goodbye," but rather "farewell;"
I’ll see you again, my friend.
Your friendship means a lot to me,
And it will never end.

I couldn't have imagined this day to be any more perfect :)
1st Nov 2008 is definitely the most memorable day of my life
It was a total CAMWHORING session for the whole Seksyen 5 students.

12:11 AM