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Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's Malaysia's 51st merdeka day. I noticed that this year's celebration wasn't as big or as grandly compared to last year's. so you wanna know what i did today?
i freaking studied! oh yes, so much for 'Merdeka' eh? So technically, freedom doesn't really mean 'free'. I'm still SPM's prisoner. In my case, the real Merdeka starts on the day SPM ends. yeah that'll be the day.
so as you know, tomorrow's the first day of fasting month. & i'm determined not to leave out any..
i guess that's all before i start to type crap stuffs again.

Final countdown : 70 days left

11:07 PM

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another year, another merdeka celebration at school..only this time, it's my LAST merdeka celebration. wow, cant believe my 11years of celebrating merdeka at school has finally come to an end. i figured , since it's my last, i should really make the best of it.. ramai gila f5 didnt show up today, i'm not surprised.. the performances were ok. my favourite one was when a f3 chinese girl sang the acoustic version of a patriotic song, and she played the guitar.. it just left me in awe!

anyways, i just got back from Avril Lavigne's concert.. despite that it was drizzling (what a way to start a concert huh), it was
AWESOME. me and my sister arrived at the stadium at 8. supposedly the show starts at 8.45, but it really started at 9.15. no matter, it was so worth the wait! the lights all suddenly went off, and BOOM! out came Avril singing her first song, 'girlfriend'. (soooo predictable).
she really knows how to communicate with her fans. she sang the songs from her latest album and also the ones from her first album. and it just so happens that , my sister and i, know the lyrics to almost all of those songs.. so we sang throughout the whole show, and i guess the people at the back was slightly annoyed by it.The thing is, some obviously uninformed people seem to have this impression of Avril as the guitar-trashing-punk rocker.Those people who opposed to it would be embarrassed to know that the concert didn't have any elements of punk or whatsoever.

oh did i mention? a chinese lady, who looked like she was in her 20's,was sitting beside me. She offered me a poster of Avril Lavigne, but i told her that i already have one. then she replied with a smile on her face saying "by the way,
you sing very well aa". EHEM EHEM . i dont mean to brag or anything.. i just wanna share what i've experienced there with you people . haha. no kidding, ask my sister, she's a witness! outside the stadium, a cute stranger asked for my phone number. but too bad for me, i'm the loyal type. dammit, hope you're happy Ehsan.
bottom line : it was my first time to have been to a concert, and i really enjoyed it :)
and surely it wont be the last. there are more concerts to come, calling out my name..and i most probably will be there, after SPM that is...

current addiction : Boys like girls - thunder

12:37 AM

Sunday, August 24, 2008

You said that you 'll never make me feel lonely,
but yesterday, i've never felt so lonely.
You said that you'll always be there for me,
but where were you yesterday when i needed someone?
You said that you'll be my guardian angel,
but guardian angels aren't supposed to be doing this to me.
A strangled smile fell from my face
& the worst part is that you didnt even know.
Talk is cheap, but i'm still holding on to your words, because i still believe.
Prove to me that you're not like any other guys..

Holidays are over and it's a school day again tomorrow..
Dont even bother to ask me how my holidays were.. with trials before me, sigh*
i feel so empty now.

Final countdown : 77 days left

9:58 AM

Thursday, August 21, 2008

5 Bina's class party was held today at Station Kopitiam, Wisma MCA. It was my first time to go the restaurant, & it'll be my last for sure. My so-called 'Prawn Tomyam Soup' only had 2 tiny , pathetic prawns in it, not to mention, the soup was too salty. & Liyana's 'chocolate pudding' seems to look somewhat like a dadih. We immediately burst out laughing when we caught the sight of it, completely and utterly ignored the waiter who was staring at us, feeling all confused. (he was kinda cute by the way) ;P

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So Which Baby Are you?

9:56 PM

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2 days ago, Malaysian shuttler Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan of China in the men's single badminton final. & Malaysia's hopes of a first-ever gold medal in the Olympics were dashed. I watched the match at home with my dad. and let me tell you, it wasn't a pretty sight at all. Chong was losing pretty badly . Couldn't blame him though. I mean, c'mon...the Lin Dan guy is practically much more muscular compared to Lee who's just as skinny as I am. Despite Lee's loss to Lin Dan in straight set, it was a gallant effort by Lee who became the first singles player to have won a silver medal in the Olympics. He put up a good fight not for the RM1million that he was promised, but for his fighting spirit (atleast that's what I think). I'm just proud that Malaysia managed to even reach this far. Don't worry Lee, we will always be cheering for you, the whole Malaysia :)

10:10 PM

Saturday, August 16, 2008

OH, Finally!
I now officially have a blogger account. actually, i already did have one back when i was 13, my cousin was the one who insisted me to have one. well obviously, blogging wasn't my thing back then. Last night, as usual, i didn't have anything else better to do besides logging into myspace so i decided to take a quick peak at my brother's blog. but then i ended up looking through my younger sister's and my cousins' too. i figured maybe blogging would be an interesting thing to do.
oh why didnt i just start blogging earlier? it just had to be this year, which is the year i'll be sitting for my SPM... and to think that my trials is just around the corner. pfft... whatever. no use of feeling guilty. i finally made one anyway. so might as well make the best of it . and oh boy, did i have a hard time trying to make this blog.

so first thing's first, today is just like any other saturday. holidays just started, but too bad i'm not having any of those holiday spirit. as you know, my trials is starting on early of next month. so i reckon i'd be spending my holidays by studying =/ and yes, i managed to study physics' electromagnetism today.
later that evening, my family and i went to Leisure Mall to get my brother's new spectacles. had lunch at Kenny Rogers then later had some Baskin Robin's ice-creams. Mom suddenly had the urge to go to Pavillion. god, hasn't she had enough of that mall? i guess not, since she happens to be the shopaholic in this family, and BELIEVE ME, no other mom can be as shopaholic as she is.

Dad, myra and muqriz went to Lot 10 instead, while i had to follow mom to do all her shopping. Dad bought 2 tickets for the Avril Lavigne's concert here in Malaysia on the 29th of August. Myra, being the spoilt brat in the family, was the one who told Dad that she wanted to go to the concert in the first place. and Dad, who just keeps spoiling the spoiled brat, agreed to let her go to the concert. and I, being the eldest among the siblings, had to jaga her at the concert. pfffffft. this would be the first time for the both of us to go to a concert. and like I'm 17, and she's not even 11 yet until next month. pffffffffft....

well, running out of ideas on what to write. guess that's all for my first post. haha.

10:03 PM