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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Oh-so-luscious Matt Dallas :)

Current addiction : Kyle XY
Hubba hubba ! :D

12:52 AM

Monday, January 26, 2009

I've just cut my hair, and it's SHORT, for me at least. I was so eager to get a trim, to just cut off the split ends of my hair, but instead, I ended up getting a total new hairstyle. Lesson learned : Never let a Malay do your hair when you just want to get a trim. This is exactly why i prefer a Chinese to do my hair . I CLEARLY told the Malay guy "I nak trim, jangan potong banyak tahu", apparently, he did the complete opposite of what i told him to. Ever since then, I have been constantly looking at the mirror every 10 minutes.

Everytime i looked into the mirror, I couldn't believe the rush of emotions pulsing through me.. I felt a sudden intense, dissapointment. That's how i began to cry, it didn't take much to make me cry --- A humiliating tendency. Yes, my hair has the license to control my self-esteem, how pitiful isn't it? What's worst is that i was afraid he might not like my new look , ridiculously, I had all these creep into my thoughts in such short period of time . Sigh *

Anyway, I've just got back from my camping trip (sort of) at Janda Baik with a few of my friends. We stayed at Dewi's step father's resort. The cooling atmosphere kinda reminded me of Dubai. Definitely an idealistic place for a retreat from the hectic city life of Kuala Lumpur. Nothing soothes me more than the sound of the rushing river and the cooling water. We didn't lay back and relax much there. We went fishing, played basketball , futsal , Bbq , and of course, mandi sungai. But the best part had to be when we stayed up all night talking, laughing, in our tents. I love Janda Baik, how she indulges people in her breathtaking beauty. It is indeed a place where one can live in a virtual world created only by the richness of one's own imagination.

BBQ :)

Happy Chinese New Year ! Bring on the angpows :D

1:46 AM

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I thought it would be just one of those mother-and-daughter going shopping kind of day again, but it wasn't. I was in the car with Mama heading to Midvalley, when suddenly out of the blue, "Sara......... Mama dah tahu dah you 're in a relationship with Ehsan." she said with a tone that kinda sounds like "I know what you did last summer". Argh, if there's something i never wanted to hear from my mother's mouth, it'd be those words. The only word i could offer after hearing that is "Errrrrrr... " and I'm not sure if that is even a word. HAHA. As expected, she started to ask questions like a police asking questions for a murder suspect. "How old is he?", "Dia belajar mana?", "Dia anak sape?" and more unimagineable questions. The answers i gave her were all blunt. The entire ride was filled with nothing but utter awkwardness, for me atleast. But to my surprise, she was OK with it. She even asked "Nape tak bawak dia datang rumah?". I couldn't believe my ears, i was like "someone, PINCH ME!". I had, however, invited Ehsan to come over to meet my parents for a few times, but unfortunately, he didn't have the guts to. Well, i couldn't blame him. Anyway, Mom was cool about it. Then she began to talk about her younger days when she experienced those kind of teenage love affair. She mentioned some of those boys' names and all, and from what i heard, she was with quite a number of boys. Well, like mother like daughter i guess :P

After almost 2 years of hiding my relationship from my parents' knowing, they finally knew.
A huge relief i must say. No more having to lie whenever i want to go out with him and stuffs. It's not like i never wanted to tell them about this, it's just that i didn't know how to start with. So i thought it'd be better that they find out about it themselves, and i know that day will come eventually, knowing how my mother is good in checking my personal stuffs. She has been constantly checking my facebook profile using my siblings' accounts. She is probably even reading this very post as we speak. Talk about no privacy :/

I've met almost all of Ehsan's family members, including his maid, tinggal dia je belum meet my parents . But now with mom's approval about our relationship, maybe i will bring him into my house to meet my parents, mane la tahuuu, dah dapat restu, insyaAllah, in another 8 years or so, we'll be talking about wedding belles pulak . LOL.

It's a love story, baby , just say YES

11:02 PM

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday , Dewi Shafikah =)

I was experiencing an excruating nostalgia. Back in our childhood days. We were both about 8 years-old when we first got to know each other. But i only knew her as my neighbour during then. Sure, we did have some come-overs to play with dolls and stuff. I remembered she was really obsessed about Westlife . HAHA . She left for boarding school in Form 1 & i never heard of her since then.

By an amazing twist of fate, in 2007, she transferred into my school and we happened to be classmates. I was surprised to find out that the 16 year-old Dewi turned out to be, err, shall i say.. wilder and louder? not to mention CRAZIER ! :P
Well apparently, she and I became closer than we ever were back then. And i hope things will remain that way till we grow old, not just as neighbours, but as FRIENDS :)

12:59 AM

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tagged by Allya, Aini & Tiara

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Tags : -
* Shari
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Personal : -
1) What is your favourite colour?
Answer : All shades of purple

2) What is your favourite food?
Answer : Sushi i guess.

3) What is your favourite drink?
Answer : Milo, or is it Chai ? :p

Guys : -
1) What kind of guy do you prefer? ( More than one answer )
Answer : Someone who doesn't bore me , sweet, romantic, smart, and FUNNY. i want a guy who always cracks me up just like Ehsan

2) How you want your crush to confess to you? ( More than one answer )
Answer : He 'd just tell me face to face. but he should take it slow though, don't rush.

3) What do you want your boyfriend to give you during Valentine's Day?
Answer : Flowers, chocolates, a romantic dinner for two . Surprise me , Ehsan :)

8:56 PM

Saturday, January 3, 2009

First and foremost, i'd have to say that I really enjoyed my holiday in Dubai. It was beyond awesome. A new experience for me to ever step my foot on the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai is definitely a beautiful city, that explains why Dubai is said to be the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Over the years, booming oil prices helped turn Dubai into a land of opportunity and playground for the ultra rich.

I 've managed to have some short conversations with some of the Arab people there. You know, everytime i told them that I 'm from Malaysia, the first thing they would talk about is none other than Dr Seri Mahathir Mohamad. They'd go, "Malaysia? ahhh, Mahathir.... I like Mahathir."
See how Dr Mahathir had left a profound impact on Malaysia?

The shopping malls in Dubai surely cant be compared to the ones in Malaysia which are always congested with Myspace people (yes, i am talking about Pavilion). The shopping malls in Dubai are all freaking huge. Every shopping mall has Forever 21, H&M (we dont have that in Malaysia), Bebe, Virgin, Baby Phat. We've been going to every shopping malls there is for 9 days straight! I never thought there would be a day that i would get fed up of going shopping. but yeahh, i did. Let me list down the things that i bought. And i dont give a rat's ass about you people nak kata apa.

A swatch watch, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 baby phat handbag , 2 tops, a skirt, a skirt with suspenders (overalls?) a pair of jeans, and shades.

The prices there is no different than the prices in Malaysia, only they have more options of course. I really had the best time shopping in Dubai, but my favourite part of the trip is definitely the part of going to the desert. It was one hell of a bumpy ride. Taking pictures together with your loved ones at the desert while the sun sets, PRICELESS.

Surely it's a gathering i'll always remember. A gathering of the 3 families of Dato' Ibrahim's children, grandchildren, daughter in - laws, which promises a week's worth of good food & good company amidst the surroundings of a new country.

My dad said there may be a chance that we might go back to Dubai again this year, so let us all cross our fingers , yeah cousins? :)

As you all know, it is the end for the year 2008.
I had my freaking SPM, I went for prom for the first time, I had my first year of anniversary with Ehsan, I finished school, and i cherish the days i had with my family, my friends, schoolmates and Ehsan.. all in 2008.
I 've been through a lot of excruciating breakdowns back in 2008, but Alhamdulillah, here i am. It's a new year and i'm still standing, still with Ehsan , and ready with whatever this year has in store for me.

12:12 AM